Hair – strands of nature, cover more than 90% of the body. While at some places it is aesthetically beautiful to have like on head, but from many generation now, this image of beautiful human body has changed thoroughly. Now it is not considered as a masculine trait for men to be excessively hairy. It has been proved that the breathing is easier for smooth skin and having less hair decreases the fluctuations in overheating and thereby excessive sweating. For women, the situation has changed too. With rise of revealing fashions, chance of imperfections getting noticed has increased too, before you do anything make sure you a read reputable source on hair removal before you procedure with any of these popular home hair removal methods.

Be it aesthetic, hygiene or just for the purpose of self-esteem hair removal is done by men and women both. Unwanted hair on the chest, face, back, underarms and bikini areas are being removed with use of various methods. While some methods take advantage of advanced techniques practiced at salons and clinics other methods can be carried out at home too.

All methods of removal can be broadly divided into two groups on basis of from where the hair is being removed. While some methods cut the hair at the level of skin surface, some remove the entire root follicle. To help you understand this consider than analogy of finger nails. It might be hard to believe but the human hair and finger nails are both made up of same material Keratin. Each single strand of hair has its roots underneath the skin which grows from a unit hair follicle. The various commonly used methods include Shaving, Depilatory creams, waxing, plucking and epilating and Laser Hair Removal. The commonly used methods and their basic procedures are described below.

Shaving – this is the most inexpensive and commonly used method in which a blade or electric razor trims the stem of hair very close to the skin. While it is fast and can be done at home, the procedure can sometimes lead to skin irritation and small cuts. The resulting cleanness is temporary, lasting maximum for 3 days.

Waxing – This is a painful method commonly used by men having thick body hair. Wax in either warm or cold state is applied to the skin after which cloth is forced on the wax and then quickly removed. As the hair is removed from root, this method gives smooth skin lasting upto 6 weeks maximum.

Plucking and Epilating – Another painful method for hair removal. By the process of plucking one hair is removed at a time while in the process of epilation multiple hairs are removed all at once. Yes this is painful but if you can bear the pain the process can give you smooth skin lasting up to 2 months.

Laser Hair Removal- This is the most advanced method in the line of hair removal. Dermatologists have been using laser hair removal for decades to remove unwanted facial and body hair for both men and women and teenagers. This procedure though costly is considered safe to apply on all body parts including the lips, back and bikini areas. If done by right practitioners then this method can give long lasting smooth skin. This process has been reported to give smooth skin for several months and even throughout the life for some people. Better yet, get your own best hair removal machines that you can use at home, you can now buy laser hair removal machines and also IPL hair removal machines which are safe to use at home.


It seems like the best eating diet on the planet — the name “Cookie Diet” makes you think you’re consuming only Oreos and some way or another getting in shape. Sadly, that is not exactly faultless.

There are a huge amount of distinctive “Cookie eating diets” out there — Hollywood being the most well known. The truth of the matter is that these cookie eating diets are precisely the same. Fundamental arrangement — you consume a couple of low calorie cookies throughout the day set up of standard nourishment, and you have a “sensible supper” (whatever that methods) at night.

These cookies are unreasonable. Clearly if an organization concocted a super eating diet cookie that makes you get in shape quick, they’re not simply gonna give out the formula. Contingent upon the arrangement, these eating methodology cookies can cost up to $10 a day. In the event that you did the cookie diet for two months, you could without much of a stretch use over

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet maker, Dr. Sanford Siegal, is celebrated for his hypothesis that most individuals who are overweight have undiagnosed thyroid issues. His weight reduction center is acclaimed for recommending that individuals go on a crash three week eat less in which they just consume 800 calories a day. The hypothesis is that you can lose weight without dieting using the cookie diet.

At the point when Dr. Siegal proclaimed that he’d concocted cookies made with an unique formula to help support your thyroid capacity and help you get more fit, formulas focused around his top-mystery form of eating methodology cookies popped up all over the place. The “eating methodology cookies” are an essential high-starch, high-fat, and high-sugar sustenance intended to fulfill your hankering while restricting your caloric admission.

The cookie eating methodology portrayed here is not Dr. Siegal’s acclaimed eating diet — that arrange is just accessible to patients at one of his five weight reduction centers. Interestingly enough, what goes unreported generally is that Dr. Siegal likewise endorses different varieties of craving suppressant pills to these patients, however that is an alternate story for an alternate article.

Siegal’s arrangement is a super low-calorie eat less (800 calories a day is short of what a large portion of the proposed caloric admission) where yearning is controlled by expending six uniquely made cookies for the duration of the day. No other sustenance passes through your lips until supper (however you are permitted eight glasses of water) and that supper is really thin. You consume six ounces of any lean protein (fish, chicken, or turkey) in addition to a solitary container of vegetables.

The aggregate calorie number of the eating diet implies that your aggregate carb admission is just about 70 grams for every day. I know “low carb” is extremely popular now, yet how about we recall that carbs are super key for commonplace living. Our capability to control our body temperature, temperament, and even our capacity to think straight is aided via your carb intake.